Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Mountain of Paperwork

So, I know that this post is SUPPOSED to be a continuation of my treastise "why adopt"...but, can I just say that I have received the second packet of paperwork from our homestudy agency today (so that they can begin processing our adoption homestudy). I was really proud of myself that I was able to get the FIRST mountain of paperwork back to them in only 8 days. Now, I have this second mountain of paperwork, and it is a nightmare. Just a few things required:

~ohio bureau of criminal investigation civilian background check
~county criminal record check
~copies of marriage license, auto insurance policies
~a detailed analysis of all incoming and outgoing funds from our household, and balances due and owing on all debts and current market value of all assets (this must be wise for adoptive parents to think about - heck, it probably would be wise for ALL prospective parents to think about - still, it's daunting)
~a fire inspection
~the names, addresses, telephone numbers, marital status, religious preference and children's names and ages of all of our siblings (7 siblings and a total of 14 nieces and nephews, between my husband and myself) (and I am embarrassed to admit that I do not even HAVE the address of my youngest brother? I mean, I have his cell phone number, and I know he lives in Cleveland, but, I haven't exactly MAILED anything to him recently)

Oh, I am just overwhelmed!!


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