Friday, February 03, 2006

Dong was a TYPO

His name isn't Dong.

Are you ready? Are you fully prepared? Here goes...

The child's name is DUNG, okay? Dung.

I am sure that there are people who will absolutely find me to heinous human being for saying this, but, THE NAME IS GOING TO HAVE TO BE CHANGED.

I cannot allow my son to go through life with a name that sounds anything like the word we use for DRIED POOP.

Okay, here is the scary thing, and the thing I really need to push away from right now - I should not be allowing myself to think of Dung as "mine", or "my son" or "my boy" - because, even though his file is sitting here on my desk, and even though all the other lawyers in my office, and all the secretaries too, have oohed and cooed at what a cutie he is - I might not be allowed to have him.

Maybe another family will be deemed to be a "better match" for him. Maybe another family already has their homestudy done and they will be given him instead of us.

I need to NOT be attached to Dung.

Even though I cannot get his face out of my head.

Okay, three points to anyone who can figure out what "dung" means in Vietnamese...

Law Mommy


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