Monday, March 10, 2008

I love lilacs and avocados. Ukuleles and fireworks.* (10 Things I Love Photo-Meme)

10. the beach
9. Raclette - a fine reason to visit Switzerland. Or at least a speciality cheese shop. Mmm...melty stinky cheese, prosciutto, potatoes, tiny pickles...heaven on earth...

8. Photo-realism. This particular painting is from Richard Estes.

7. The sound of a resonator guitar/dobro - used often in Bluegrass music - it's one of my favorite sounds

6. Books. Mountains of them.

5. Bacardi Coconut Rum. (In fact I love rum in most forms - but, Bacardi Coco is my favorite.)

4, 3, 2, & 1 - Lake Erie (there are many things I do not love about living in the Midwest - but, I do love the Lake), Lana, Gabriel and Husband. Need I say more?
*Post title from Carly Simon's "You Are The Love of My Life"


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