Monday, February 27, 2006

More things that do NOT suck

1. After a week's stagnation on Weight Watchers, I have lost another pound. Woo-hoo! How I did this with my lunch of cheesecake and girl scout cookies on Friday I do not know.
2. Three good reads going on - "By the Seat of My Pants, True Tales of Travel and Misadventure", "Malpractice in Magoody" by Joan Hess, and "Shadows" by Edna Buchanan.
3. Christopher Moore, fabulous author extraordinaire, has a new book coming out on March 21, entitled, "A Dirty Job" - in time for my trip to Jamaica, which is thing that doesn't suck #4.
4. My trip to Jamaica, only 32 days away!!
5. I broke out of my mournful folksy bluegrass music rut that has been giving me solace all last week and through the weekend, and moved onto the angry music of Tori Amos and Eminem on the way to work this morning. (I think this is indictative of something, but, I'm not entirely sure what. And I'm not really angry about anything except my own stupidity - all I know is that my angry music made me feel pretty good.) (This does not mean that I am not keeping the bluegrass music close, though. You never know when you might need it.)
6. We are going to have our first face to face interview with our social worker on Thursday. One step closer to completed homestudy!
7. While I dropped our iron on the floor yesterday and it broke, it did NOT break the floor, nor did it land on my FOOT, so, I think it counts as a thing that doesn't suck.


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