Friday, December 15, 2006

An Open Letter to the First Energy Corporation

I am very unhappy with my electricity provider right now, and since they have a monopoly in this area, and since I am powerless (pun intended) to do anything else...FIRST ENERGY is about to get BLOGGED.

Below is the text of the actual letter I sent them this evening, via their website.

I logged into your website this evening in order to set up online bill pay, as my husband and I will be traveling to Vietnam for the month of January and I wanted to be able to set up the ability to pay bills online SO THAT I CAN PAY YOU PROMPTLY IN THE MONTH OF JANUARY.
Much to my consternation, after registering my account, and attempting to make this month's payment, I received a message that unless I agree to stop receiving paper bills, YOU will not allow me to pay my bill online UNLESS I pay an exhorbitant and ridiculous fee of $3.95 for a credit card payment.
Frankly I am appalled by this. All I want to do is PAY YOU. And you are ATTACHING STRINGS to my ability to PAY YOU? That's absurd.
I get so much spam email that it simply is not reasonable for me to agree to allow you to only email me your bill, where it could easily get lost amid the myriad offers for Viagra and enormous breasts - that's not a risk I am willing to take.
I pay you HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS every year. And you make this childish requirement that unless you let me save you TWELVE STAMPS during the year you won't let me pay you online.
Quite frankly I am so angry right now that if you were not a monopoloy in this area I would switch to ANOTHER COMPANY and quite possibly PAY MORE FOR MY SERVICE than continue to use your service.
Exceedingly annoyed and unhappy with the First Energy Corporation,



Blogger Kelly said...

we had a similiar problem with our electric, they wanted us to pay five dollars service charge for paying our bill online.
love your letter to the company, can't wait to hear if you get a reply!

Saturday, December 16, 2006 9:35:00 AM  

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