Monday, June 25, 2007

Lawmommy needs... A MEME

This is kind of a funny meme. You go to and google "[your name] needs" and see what comes up.

I used to my actual name, instead of lawmommy, but, you get the idea. Here are the results: (unfortunately, I share my fairly unusual first name with a large number of German shephards and one Hollywood wife who is, evidently, having some very public marital problems.)

1. Lawmommy needs sleep. This is so true.
2. Lawmommy needs to stop picking on Danny. I don't even know anyone named Danny!!
3. Lawmommy needs your prayers. Well, I suppose
4. Lawmommy needs new pants. Always. What girl doesn't need new pants?
5. Lawmommy needs help. Well, yes, probably.
6. Lawmommy needs a loving home. WHAT?? I THOUGHT I HAD ONE!
7. Lawmommy needs to get better people around her. OUCH!
8. Lawmommy needs dog-obediance training. HUH??
9. Lawmommy needs a pedicure. Well, that's true, too.


Blogger Matthew said...

Thanks for that! What a fun way to waste a few minutes with Google. "Matthew needs to get a clue!" hehe

Friday, June 29, 2007 5:46:00 PM  

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