Monday, June 25, 2007

My Family Has Come Home

I didn't post about my family's defection to the north woods (because, despite my attempts to maintain a certain amount of anonymity on this blog, I don't think I've done a terribly good job of it, so, really, the last thing I want to do is advertise, "Hey, I'm All Alone in my house" if there are any average psychopaths reading this blog.*)

But, anyway, Husband and his father went fishing, and, in order to effecuate this (as Husband is a stay-at-home-dad during the summer, well, at least as far as Gabe is concerned - Lana continues to go to pre-school most days for part of the day, as she is far behind in her basic pre-schooler knowledge of letters, numbers and crafts that can be made with copious amounts of colored Elmer's glue) my sister-in-law and mother-in-law volunteered to watch Gabe and Lana for three days.

The whole plan came together in less than 24 hours, and on Wednesday afternoon I found myself alone. I was worried about how Lana would do, but it was peaceful to have the house to myself for a few days.

Unfortunately, on Thursday afternoon, one of the partners in my firm had a heart attack, and, so, the next two days were not really peaceful...there are only 5 lawyers in my office, and with one of them undergoing radiation treatment for cancer, and one of them having a heart attack (at work, no less) - I think the other three of us are starting to wonder if our office is toxic.

And we're also sort of consumed with worry about the other two. Stress that is both personal and professional at the same time is really no fun.


I was also really worried how Lana would do, being away from both Husband and I for three nights. By all accounts she was "fine". I am assuming that this means she slept and ate well and was tantrum free for my sister-in-law.

She was clearly ticked at me when she returned Saturday night, and clingy to Husband. She had a minor tantrum (about 15 minutes) in the middle of the night, and all day yesterday, she and Gabriel (who had been together 24/7 for six days straight) were at eachother's throats.

They were both whiny and wretched and I wanted to lock them both in their rooms.

I was also on the receiving end of the following barbs from Lana:
1. I don't like Mommy
2. I don't love Mommy and
3. Mommy doesn't have pretty hair

Oh. WAY TO GO FOR THE JUGULAR LITTLE MISS THING. Because, it may be true that she doesn't love me, or even like me, but my hair is kind of a vanity of mine SO DO NOT EVEN GO THERE.

The last comment got her in some VERY HOT WATER with her daddy. (Who knew he felt so strongly about my hair?? :-P ) (I'm pretty sure it was the fact that after telling me all day that she neither liked nor loved me, to have her tell me that she thought my hair was hideous on top of it was really more than I could take and I started crying.)

She did survive the time apart from us. I'm not sure it was in her best interest, but, it's what happened. It's kind of nice to know that Husband and I might be able to, like, have a weekend getaway sometime without the child coming un-glued.

She was more than ready to go back to pre-school this morning, and Gabe was definitely ready for some one on one time with Husband...

I'm out of time for writing and must try to make sense of the nightmare that is my office.


*attention all psychopaths - please note that even if I had posted about being alone, I live in a gated compound populated mostly by police officers, army rangers and ninja warriors, with several attack dogs, an alligator and a really loud security system. So, you know, don't get any ideas.


Blogger maxhelcal said...

OH MY GOD! That is FUNNY! I am so sensitive about my hair too! This post really made me laugh....especially about your ninjas and attack dogs!

Hope everyone is doing better at your office.


Monday, June 25, 2007 1:31:00 PM  
Anonymous Christina said...

Wow, she's found mommy's "button" hasn't she? That is such a girl thing. I could see Zeeb being upset but no way would he think to insult my hair. ;-) But, um, R~ totally would. Her latest favorite button is "I wish I had a different family." I always reply "well this is the family God chose for you so deal with it!" Yeah, I'm real understanding like that.

Monday, June 25, 2007 2:21:00 PM  
Anonymous rachel said...

I can completely understand not posting about your hubby being gone until afterwards. I do the same thing. The idea of creepy internet stalkers strikes paranoia in me!

Oh and about the hair issue...Ava repeatedly makes comments about my curly hair, how it's not long, straight and beautiful like hers. Oh brother.

Monday, June 25, 2007 8:26:00 PM  

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