Friday, March 03, 2006

First Homestudy Interview

Moving on past our grief about the loss of the referral of Dung means moving forward towards the referral of a different child.

To that end, we had our first face-to-face interview with the social worker who will be completing our "homestudy". Basically, this is an 8-11 page document that talks about my husband and I, and our son, and our home, and whether or not we would be a good adoptive family. It also includes a ton of paperwork that we have already completed, such as a fire safety inspection of our house, copies of birth and marriage certificates, paperwork from our family physician, our parish priest, police background and fingerprint check, and letters of recommendation from our employers and friends.

S. (the social worker) met with us yesterday for about two hours, and the meeting seemed like it went well. She was surprised to hear that we are looking to adopt a toddler rather than an infant, but, seemed please to hear that we had been doing research and reading about the issue and the we were making that decision for well-thought out reasons. We are meeting with her again, individually, on Tuesday, and then the following week on Wednesday she will meet with all three of us, and do a "safety audit" of our house. (Apparently this involves questions like, "is there heat" and "is there running water". She did want to make sure that the swimming pool had a safety cover and adequate fencing, that was her only real concern about the safety audit and our house.)

So, that's the news...

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