Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Monday evening around 7:00 PM Gabe said his tummy ached. Thus began an 8 hour season in hell for Gabe and I, with full on misery, completely disgusting. Thank goodness my husband was spared the illness, because he was taking care of both of us, and I'm not at sure what would happen to a family if every member was throwing up at the same time, instead of just 2 out of 3. All I can say is - thank god for a man who shows up with a cold washcloth and a bottle of Scope and picks you up off the bathroom floor, even when you outweigh him by 30 pounds.

All day yesterday Gabe and I laid around (in front of Noggin and Playhouse Disney for him, Gilmore Girls Season 4 on DVD for me), passing in and out of consciousness, with headaches like someone had stuck an ice pick into the backs of our was awful.

We both started to feel human about 7:00 PM last night, and everyone in my house was asleep by 9:00PM. We are feeling better with 9 hours of sleep in us.

What a horrible 24 hours...



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