Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Conversation with Dr. B.

Well, Husband and I had a long discussion with Dr. B. last night.

These are the things that he said:

1. He seems to be doing well developmentally now. He was delayed in learning to walk by several months. (He says most babies learn to walk around 12 months, this child wasn't really walking on his own until 19 months). But, he said, "if you believe the reports" he is doing well motor-skills wise now, and is developing his language and social skills at a good rate.

2. He is surprised that the doesn't appear to have any "sequelae" from the meningitis - he said, "things would be apparent by now" - such as deafness or developmental delays/brain damage.

3. He wanted to know if he eats food others than the formula and rice soup. He felt this was key information that was missing from the file. "If the only things he can keep down are formula and rice soup, there are digestive issues" - but, it's not clear. So, this is one of the things I am waiting to hear back from my agency on.

4. Concerned about weight, and points out that he continued to gain weight, slowly, while in the orphanage, and that the records show that he has not gained any weight (although he's grown several centimeters) since joining the foster family. "You really need to know if he's gained any weight since February (the date of the last report) - if not, there's a problem. A child shouldn't not gain weight during a six month period (his weight in October was the same as February.)

So, from Dr. B's assessment, it's possible that this child will be okay, but, we need to know more about what he is eating, and if there has been weight gain since the beginning of February.


In other news, I want to throttle whatever kindergarten teacher thought that "dress like a letter person" day was a good idea. I spent much of last night pinning red and blue and green and gold ribbons all over my child's red cordoroy pants and white shirt, so that he could be "Mr. R" aka Mr. Rainbow Ribbons, today. He wanted to be Mr. G, aka Mr. Gooey Gum. NOT_A_CHANCE!

I'm just glad I bought that clearance ribbon roll last Christmas, that had green and red and blue and silver ribbon on it, marked, "Wrap all your Hannukah and Christmas Gifts with one convenient roll" - it was .89, and, really came in handy last night!


Blogger Robinson 4 said...

I guess I never mentioned this before but my little brother had (viral) meningitis shortly after he was born. He was hospitalized for several weeks but came out of it alright. He's now 9'ish and just fine. It's definitely a possibility.
I hope you guys fine more info soon!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006 10:57:00 AM  
Blogger Space Mom said...

Hmm, Looks like you need more info. I wish you had it.

That letter thing would drive me nuts.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006 12:54:00 PM  
Blogger Ryan and Heather said...

Just wanted to say I have the healthiest daycare girl-only had 2 colds in two years and she didn't walk until 18 months, she was just stubborn and liked to be carried everywhere! Kids develop at different paces, I've taken care of so many young toddlers through the years age that they began to walk really just depends on the kid not their developmental level.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006 9:25:00 PM  

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