Thursday, May 11, 2006

My boys have left me...

My boys have headed up to northern Michigan for their annual romp through the woods to find morel mushrooms.

So, I am boyless until Sunday. Except for Lucky, my brother's dog, who I borrowed to keep me company and to protect me from any suburban burglars who can get through our security alarm...because, well, our big orange Tom cat and our small auxiliary cat are not much in the way of making a girl feel safe. Although, I am pretty sure if the burglar tried to get at the food dish or the cat condo, well, THEN, Nolan the wonder cat MIGHT try to drool them to death...or something.

There seemed to be a typhoon here last night. For a while last night I worried that our roof would blow away...because, that would be my luck, to have our roof blow off while Husband was out of town.

I have nothing to report vis a vis the little boy in China. Waiting to hear from the doctor...



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