Monday, July 31, 2006

My weekend in a nutshell

Books finished: Digging to America by Anne Tyler and Startled by His Furry Shorts by Louise Rennison - enjoyed both, the second made me laugh so hard I snorted diet Coke out of my nose

Salons visited: One. Hair highlighted. Hair trimmed. Eyebrows waxed. Chat with old friend from high school who is my stylist, 2.5 hours long.

Bargain shopping: Amazing finds at department store 80% off sales - 2 swimsuits for husband ($9.80 each), 1 swimsuit for Gabriel ($6.20), three shirts for Gabriel for school (2 @ $4.80 each, 1 @ $3.30), 2 adorable shirts for Lana (amazing price of $2.00 each), 2 pairs winter pajamas for Lana ($4.98 a piece!), 4 pairs winter pajamas for Gabriel ($4.98 a piece! and $7.99 a piece), 1 ladybug purse for Lana ($3.30), 3 Carter's baby blankets (for orphanage gifts for our trip to Vietnam) $1.80 a piece!!! (I bought all three they had, and I wished they had more.) THANK YOU DILLARDS and ELDER BEERMAN. You are my shopping therapy headquarters.

Restaurants visited for dinner Saturday night: Two. We met my dad and step-mom for dinner at a new place called The Elephant Bar. When we arrived at 5:15, there was a 50 minute wait to be seated - not doable with a hungry 6 year old. We switched and went to the Claddagh Irish Pub and Restaurant - immediate seating. I guess most people don't want a pint of Guiness and shepard's pie when it is 95 degrees out, but, it was tasty nonetheless. (The Guiness was not for the hungry six year old, but, rather for his dad and grandpa.)

Trips to church: one - and very thankful our priest has returned from three weeks in Chicago, as replacement priest for past three weeks was v. v. dull. Our priest and his wife (Episcopal, obviously, not Roman Catholic, or he wouldn't have a wife, of course!) wanted to know about any progress made with the adoption, so, I filled them in after service, while the priest's three year old son played with Husband's beard in complete and total fascination for 10 straight minutes.

Trips to hell, er, aka, Chuck E Cheese - one. Our niece celebrated her 5th birthday. Husband nearly had to leave from sensory overload, I nearly had breakdown from sensory overload. I hate that place, too loud, too crowded, too many lights, too many children, yikes!

Any other available minute not spent sleeping: spent in the pool because it is like an oven here!



Blogger Nicki said...

That is one exceptionally FULL weekend!!

Monday, July 31, 2006 5:52:00 PM  

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