Thursday, August 31, 2006

Off to New Jersey

I am leaving very very early tomorrow morning. I am driving to New Jersey with my mother, my brother J~, and my step-dad.

Jealous? Come on, 10 hours in the car? Doncha wanna come?

We have the first two seasons of Arrested Development to watch on DVD, in addition to Grosse Pointe Blank and Blazing Saddles, so, that should help.

Husband and Gabe are staying home, as are my brother's fiance and daughter. So, it'll just be mom and dad and brother and sister. Just call us the Griswolds...

The reason for the trek to New Jersey is that my cousin is getting married this weekend. On Sunday afternoon. Her fiance is Jewish. My insane grandmother is ticked off about that (but, she's bonkers - truly, certifiably nuts - so, it's hard to take her seriously). My mother is performing the ceremony. (Although, technically speaking, she is not licensed to marry people in the State of NJ, so, they are actually having a civil union at the courthouse tomorrow and my mother is only doing the religious ceremony. Which is the emotionally important part. My mother tried to get permission from the State of New Jersey to officiate, but, it was very complex. Evidently, the State of NJ is none too keene on clergy persons from other states galavanting around the Garden State marrying people willy-nilly.)

Anyway, my mother has crafted a very interesting service that incorporates some of the loveliest aspects of the Jewish service and the Episcopal service, which I think is a pretty impressive feat, considering that she is a Methodist clergy person herself. The bride and the groom are happy. No doubt everyone else will grumble, oh well, it's not their day.

Meanwhile, my insane grandmother called last night and told me she wanted me to sue the State of Ohio on her behalf, and that she would discuss it with me at the wedding. Um, yeah, I can't WAIT to find out what that's about. After crazy grandmother phoned, my sister S~ telephoned and said, "Grandma says you are suing the State of Ohio for her. That's insane, why would you do that?" Um...I haven't, actually, done that. Oy vey.

Everyone have a safe Labor Day weekend,


Blogger Christina said...

oh boy are you going to have serious blog material when you get back! Have a fun and safe trip. :-)

Friday, September 01, 2006 12:40:00 AM  

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