Monday, August 14, 2006

Weekend wasteland and GELLATO!! Yes, Gellato!

I spent most of the weekend feeling lousy and sick and alternately lying on the couch or napping in our guestroom.

I finished reading Lawrence Block's newest novel "Hit Parade" - which is his third book in his saga about a hit man named John Keller. They are dark (well, they ARE about a guy who kills people for a living) and darkly comic, and sometimes sad, but, I recommend them.

Then, I began reading a book by an author named Jesse Kellerman, called Sunstroke. I was hesitant to pick this book up, because it is by the son of the famous husband and wife mystery/thriller writers, Jonathan Kellerman and Faye Kellerman. (Mr. Kellerman writes the Alex Delaware series, and Mrs. Kellerman writes the Peter Decker/Rina Lazurus mysteries). Anyway, I saw them (both of them) last year at a Q&A and book signing, and they mentioned that their son, Jesse, had a book coming out. (They also mentioned that 3 of their 4 children have the same birthday - i.e. same day, different year, which I think is darn odd.) Anyway, I figured that the book by Jesse Kellerman might suck, and that maybe he only got it published because of who his parents are, AND I WAS SO WRONG. Good grief this BOOK IS SO GOOD. It's a mystery, but, WOW. He's good. Really good. So, my apologies to Jesse Kellerman for thinking his book would probably suck. It's good stuff. (I should probably extend the same apology to Christopher Rice, who I avoided reading at first, and who is actually, in my humble opinion, a better writer than his mother, Anne Rice. Well, maybe not better than Anne Rice at the top of her game, but, definitely better than anything she has written in the last decade.) (Okay, not that I think these authors give a rip what a lawyer in the middle of nowhere thinks of their work...)

I tried to watch a movie called Hell Cab, which was so depressing I had to turn it off and put it back in it's Netflix sleeve and send Gabriel to the mail box with it. I had ordered it because it allegedly had John Cusack in it, who I love. But, I didn't get far enough into the movie to see him, or anything else that didn't make me want to anything other than drown myself in the bathtub. So, I turned it off.

David and I then watched V for Vendetta, which was excellent, but which is the kind of thing that could terrify a person who is paranoid about both terrorists and the political climate anyway (as I am), so, after that I had to watch some stand up comedy of Ron White on comedy central. That man makes me laugh very hard. (He's one of the ones from Blue Collar Comedy, and I don't know why I think he is hysterical, but, I do. He slays me.)

Yesterday evening, I was finally feeling a little more human, but didn't want to cook, so, Husband, Gabe and I went out for some excellent Lebanese food at The Grape Leaf. (There is awesome Lebanese food to be had in NW Ohio, let me tell you.) They have a kids menu, so, Gabe can get Mac N Cheese, and then he grazes on our chicken schwarma and rice or beef gahlabba.

After dinner we went to see if the rumors we had been hearing were true - and they were! Gellatto! There is now a Gellatto shop in our city! So, we got some very nice gellato and came home, to swim for a little bit and then watch Iron Chef America.

So, except for the fact that I felt like crap, I can't really complain about having a nice relaxing weekend.



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