Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Some Photos from our first day with our Exchange Student

Here is our exchange student, M~, with another student from Japan who is staying with friends of ours, H~ and L~. This is at a meeting for all the host families at a swimming quarry, at which we lost the girls. (Only temporarily.) I looked at H~, while the girls were missing, and said, "I cannot believe we have been parenting teenagers for less than 24 hours and we LOST them already." Our wonderful Husbands soon located the girls and all was well.

Gabe and Lana were not allowed to swim int he quarry because they are under 13 and not strong enough swimmers to pass the fairly rigorous swim test. (Not the best place for a meeting for families with little kids, but, nobody asked my opinion.) Here they are, dancing around near the ampitheather.

A picture my friend H~ snapped while the students and host families were being introduced. I think Gabe and Lana look adorable from the back! :-)
Since landing in the US on Saturday, M~ has been to a Lake Erie beach, a birthday party, a family reunion, and the grocery store. Oh, and to her intensive English academy, of course, which goes from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM weekdays.
So far, so good, with the exchange student experience.


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