Thursday, September 27, 2007

Good News In Blogland

Several other Vietnam Adoption bloggers have gotten good news this week, and I just want to send out congratulations!

First, Bunny's Mom FINALLY has Travel Approval to go and get her 9-year-old boy twins. Send her good wishes!

E. at Looking For George received her referral on the 19th, and while I have privately sent her congratulations, I haven't mentioned it on my blog. I also haven't mentioned on my blog that E. is very very attractive when her hair is purple, so, go send her good wishes for her new son and tell her she should definitely go purple again for Halloween at!F95C3C89A943C6DE!1316.entry . (Kidding E!! :-P )

And Ryan and Heather have received their referral of a little girl in Ho Chi Minh City, after a very long long wait!


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