Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Another step...

Apparently we answered some of the written questions we answered about Dung acceptably, because our agency is calling us on Monday (Feb. 13) - to talk to David and I about a possible match. Emphasis on POSSIBLE.

We are supposed to keep a whole hour open to have this conversation.

Again, the whole thing is a POSSIBILITY, because they may be interviewing other families too.

And if any of those other families have an advantage over us - for instance, if those parents taught English in Vietnam for a year, as opposed to us having taught English in Japan for a year - well, you can be pretty sure that that family will get Dung.

Or, if they are of Vietnamese heritage, for example. Or any number of other things that might make another family more suitable.

So, again, I need to keep in mind that I should want what is best for Dung, and keep my mind open to the possibility that MY family might not be the BEST family for Dung.

And though my ego doesn't want to believe that MY FAMILY might not be the BEST family for him, I have to accept that it is possible that is the case.

And the BEST family for DUNG, is what DUNG deserves.

This is my mantra right now...


Blogger Space Mom said...

Deep breath.. Life moves in ways that we never understand. Good luck with the phone call....

Tuesday, February 07, 2006 11:50:00 AM  

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