Monday, March 06, 2006

Don't Try This at Home

Stupidly, I scheduled my son's sixth birthday party the same weekend as my sister-in-law's baby shower.

If I had only been a guest of the baby shower, it wouldn't have been so bad, but, alas, I was one of the hostesses.

So, on Saturday at 2:00 PM I had 11 munchkins show up at my house for pizza, cake, ice cream, and festive party games. Okay, festive party GAME, singular - namely, pin the bat on the Batman. Much noise was made by all. I ordered eight pizzas, because I expected the parents who stayed would want to eat as well. Almost none of them did (eat, that is.) I had 5 and 1/2 pizzas left after the party. For the record, that is too much leftover pizza.

The birthday ended and I went to my mom's house, where we proceeded to plan the menu for the next day's shower while finishing up wrapping the baby shower favors in festive blue fabric bags handmade by my mother. (Kudos to her for being excited enough to make handmade blue fabric bags to wrap the baby shower favors for her TWELFTH grandchild.) (I am not describing this very well. She made these little bags, that closed with a pacifier shaped button, and each bag had a candle and picture frame inside. Trust me when I say it was adorable, just a hell of a lot of work.)

After that was finished, my aunt and grandmother and I went to the grocery store at 8:00 PM while my mom created a fantasy baby buggie out of cake and frosting. (See, my mother is the creative one in this relationship.)

While grocery shopping at 8:00 PM with my grandmother and aunt (who is only three years older than me) (my aunt, obviously, not my gran) - I had a small breakdown in the oriental food aisle, about the fact that "they gave my Vietnamese baby to some other family." (Apparently, I am not over that so much, quite yet.) My aunt made all the appropriate clucking noises and told me that they would find me another Vietnamese baby...and then she suggested that we not buy any Vietnamese foods for the baby shower, since the only thing my sister-in-law is eating right now is plain chicken and potatos and iceberg lettuce. Pregnancy heartburn can be a bitch.

After grocery shopping, back home to start the cooking and prepping and setting out of decorations.

Whirlwinds of activity...Sunday afternoon, the guest of honor arrived late and looked like someone was stabbing her in the head and like she wished the floor would open her up and swallow her alive. No one enjoyed my cheesy fiesta potato casserole. (Except for my husband, who seemed extremely happy that there was SO MUCH of it leftover. Or, he was trying really hard to make me feel better about what a flop it was. Either way is okay.)

The rest of the food and "rum-less umbrella drink" punch we created was enjoyed by everyone EXCEPT the guest of honor, who, evidently, hates pineapple juice.

Who hates pineapple juice? I ask you, really?? Who hates pineapple juice? Especially pineapple juice dressed up with fizzy soda and sherbet? It tasted like vacation. Who wouldn't love that??

Apparently my very pregnant very uncomfortable sister-in-law.

Anyway, I am just utterly exhausted and I don't want to do any work, which unfortunately, is not an option, since I have a ton to do, and I was late to work today because I had to go to the eye doctor - joy of joys. My pupils are so dilated I can hardly see, which makes working kind of a chore, when 90% of your job is reading documents with very tiny print.

Falling asleep in my chair,
Law Mommy

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