Tuesday, March 07, 2006

No Meeting With the Social Worker Today

Well, our social worker called and cancelled our second meeting for our homestudy (which was supposed to be today) because "some of her daughters" are throwing up.

She has four daughters. I feel VERY BADLY for this woman right now. Because, if it is the same kind of thing that we had last week, pretty soon both SHE and the REST OF HER DAUGHTERS are going to be throwing up. And as bad as "some daughters throwing up" must be, "all daughters plus self throwing up" - hands down, that's got to be worse.

Poor thing.

It's not so bad, as far as timing goes, because we were scheduled to have our third meeting next Wednesday. The 15th. So, now we will have our second meeting next Tuesday, the 14th, and keep our third meeting the 15th. So, we shouldn't actually lose any time, since the homestudy meetings will still conclude on the 15th.

We received a three pound package from our adoption agency yesterday, detailing all the steps of the Vietnamese adoption process, and the paperwork that will need to be obtained.

Suffice it to say that, it looks like the paperwork we compiled for our homestudy was just the beginning of the paper chase.

We cannot do any of the paper chasing until we get a child referral, it's exactly the opposite of the process for China. For China, you submit your dossier FIRST and then you are assigned a child several months later. For Vietnam, you submit your homestudy to your agency, you wait a few months to be assigned a child, and THEN you submit all of your dossier paperwork, which can be no more than six months old at the time you travel to Vietnam.

So, according to this book, I've done everything I can do (start homestudy, obtain 3 certified copies of birth and marriage certificates) until the homestudy is complete and approved by my agency.

THEN, I can submit something called an 1600-A form to USCIS (what used to be called the INS.)

Then, we WAIT some more. I can hardly wait. (Hardy har har.)

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