Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Odds and Ends

Here is a piece of FREE legal advice. FREE. Absolutely, positively, no strings attached.

Here goes:

Never enter into a land contract agreement. Never. Especially don't enter into a land contract agreement and then refuse to record it. I mean it. Don' You can lose your shirt.

It's important. It's right up there with "never get involved in a land war in Asia."

That is all.


My mother came over last night to look at Tung's file. She has very positive feelings about it. (My mother was a social worker for 20 years before she became a clergy person. Admittedly, her specialties are death and dying, and caring for the aged, but, I tend to think she has a pretty good grasp of other issues as well.) She said, "I think he is everything you have hoped for. Who cares if he is small? You were small. You looked like a famine victim. People thought I never fed you." (DAMN! What happened to THAT metabolism, huh?? What kind of cruel joke is it that I looked like a famine victim as a child and now I look more like, well, a victim of chocolate chip cookie indulgence...)

We are just waiting to hear from the international adoption medecine specialist - who we should be getting a call from on Friday.

Dr. D. still hasn't called back with any further thoughts on the file. He sent an email yesterday that he had not yet had time to look at it, still. (Of course, he is not charging me, so, I can't blame him for not having a lot of time to spend on a child that I think he is going to be surprised to see is not in a vegetative state.)


One of my favorite authors, Kathy Reichs, is going to be testifying as an expert witness in the Toledo Trial of the Century - now playing on (it's the priest on trial for murdering the nun). I am trying to figure out how to finagle an autograph on one of my copies of her books.



Blogger Christina said...

LM - that's so funny, I'm reading your legal advice and I totally got that Princess Bride monologue in my head and then you go and quote it! Great minds think alike. ;-)

That's great your mom is thinking positively about the referral - it's good to have someone else's view when making such a big decision.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006 7:31:00 PM  

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