Thursday, March 08, 2007

Feeling More Human

I'm starting to feel better. Which is shocking, considering that last night about this time I was lying under my comforter, shivering, with a fever of 102 degrees, and every muscle in my body hurting like hell.

So, feeling only slightly nauseated and beat up is an improvement. I made it to work for a few hours today - some things HAD to be taken care of. I was forced to call the federal court in Cleveland (2 hour drive each way) and beg his clerk to reschedule a hearing that was set for 1:30 this afternoon. There was just no way I could make a four hour drive in this condition. Fortunately, I came to an agreement with the other side over the telephone, and judge's clerks are OH SO MUCH willing to work with you if you say, "A Consent Entry is Being Submitted" - that phrase is like magic...

During my misery confined to my dark bedroom, I watched four episodes of Veronica Mars, 3 episodes of Gilmore Girls, and the movie The Lake House.

Other than that, I mostly shivered. And moaned. And threw up.

Things you don't want to hear your seven-year-old son say:

"Sorry, we can't play at my house right now, my mom is puking." Also, "Can I have dinner at your house, 'cause my mom is puking?"

I had to drive Lana to school yesterday because I COULD NOT keep her from burning the house down in my completely wretched state. I thought I might kill both of us trying to get to her pre-school, but, we did okay. Fortunately, she was happy to go to school. School is infinitely preferable to staying at home with the aforementioned puking mom...

Not much else to report.



Blogger KelleyO said...

I'm glad you are feeling better! BTW Tag you are it.

Friday, March 09, 2007 1:02:00 PM  

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