Monday, November 19, 2007

One Crazy Weekend

We have had a crazy weekend. And I have proof that Dick Cheney must read my blog, because he smited us yesterday, obviously, for calling him The Anti-Christ.

So...let me start with the smiting. (Smoting? How DOES one conjugate "to smite"?) Anyhoo, yesterday afternoon, Husband, kids and I were driving to meet my friend J~, who was in town from Cleveland, and who I haven't seen in...I don't know, YEARS, when we turned a corner and saw some people holding up signs that said, "End this ENDLESS War" and "Bring Our Brave Troops Home from Iraq."

Since these are sentiments Husband and I both agree with, Husband honked his horn. And BANG. We were smited. Surely by some sort of Cheney-controlled-spy-satellite, seeking out peacenik's like ourselves who call him the Anti-Christ on the Internet.

Okay, I'm kidding about Cheney (I think, but, seriously, you never know about that man) - but, our car DIED. It went completely dead.

The protesters helped us push it off the very busy street and onto a side street. We had to call AAA to come tow it, and my dad to come get us (do you know how hard it is to squeeze five people (my dad plus the four of us, plus 2 car seats for the kiddos) into a Lexus sports car? Thank heaven Husband and my kids are THIN is all I'm saying...yikes that was a tight squeeze. (Before you ask, my mother and her sensible mini-van were not available.)

So, now we are down one car and waiting for the mechanic to call and tell us how painful this problem is going to be to our wallet.

And we didn't get to see my friend J~, which sucks.


The weekend started off with such promise. Our friends H~ and L~, who have been waiting for their baby from China for almost two years now (the China wait is insane right now) - volunteered to come over and play with Lana and Gabe so that Husband and I could go out to eat, have some adult time, and satisfy my aforementioned lust for California rolls. (Shut up! Get your minds out of the gutter, people! I'm saying we had Japanese food!!)

Anyway, we had a lovely night out, and when we came home, the kids went right to sleep (THANK YOU H&L!!! You must have tired them right out!!) We watched some stand-up comedy on Comedy Central, and we saw a guy we had never heard of before, but, who CRACKED US RIGHT UP. He's a Vietnamese-American comedian named Dat Phan, and (this is SO not politically correct), but, when he did impressions of his parents, his fake accent was DEAD-ON LANA. I'm trying to find a clip of him on the Internet, talking about his mom eating spicy food, because Lana does the same thing with hot chicken wings, and folks, let me just say, that he made me laugh so hard I choked. Here is his website: - he has some videos there. You will laugh. I promise. I wouldn't necessarily listen at work, though, if your company is strict about that kind of thing.

Saturday was crazy party day - we went to a birthday party, an Ohio State-Michigan game party, and a 50th Wedding Anniversary Party. All in one day. We started partying at 10:00 AM and didn't get home until 11:30. It was CRAZY.

At the 50th Anniversary Party I had the opportunity to talk to an old friend of mine who writes for TV. He is on strike right now (obviously), and it was very interesting to get his perspective on what is going on. It sounds to me (and, obviously, I am biased since I am getting the info from someone who has a fundamental stake in the situation), that the writer's are just asking the studios to use the same calculation to compensate writers for revenues from streaming video and other new technologies that they use to compensate them for traditional media. It just makes sense to me, and I hope that when they go back to the table next week that they will work something out. (Cause otherwise we are going to be stuck with some serious crap-reality-tv for the rest of the season. Ugh. [Shudders violently]).

Anyway, it was just one long crazy weekend, and I still don't know what's going to happen with Husband's car. Do you think I could convince Dick Cheney to buy us a new one??


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Blogger mam said...

I know, I feel torn because while I want to (do) support the striking writers, the thought of reality TV all season makes me want to scream. I'll miss my ER and Ugly Betty and House so much!

Monday, November 19, 2007 2:18:00 PM  

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