Sunday, August 23, 2009

In Which I Buy Some Bubble Tea and Realize That I Am Old

Friday evening, after dropping Gabriel and Lana off with my aunt, Husband and I went to Ann Arbor for dinner. (Gabe and Lana were spending the weekend with my aunt so that Husband and I could spend most of Saturday sailing with some friends on Lake Erie.*)

We had some yummy Japanese food, and as we were leaving the restaurant, I noticed a shop called, "Bubble Island" across the street.

I have been without a local supplier of bubble tea since the lone Vietnamese restaurant in our city closed down a few months ago, so I was extremely pleased to see that bubble tea was in my very near future.

I dragged Husband over to the Bubble Island shop, and hurried inside, and spent some time considering the various Bubble Tea options available to me at Bubble Island.

I was still wearing my work clothes - a long black and white sleeveless dress that was cool enough for the hot day, but still dressy enough to wear to court.**

After I placed my order, it dawned on me that I was CLEARLY not the target demographic for Bubble Island.

I was - **GASP** - old enough to be the mother of EVERY OTHER PERSON in the shop, including the guys working at the counter. (Well, old enough to be their mother if I had had a baby right out of high school, which of course, I didn't, but if I had, that child would be the age of all the other people in Bubble Island.)

I felt old. I felt...slightly silly. As if, perhaps, the joy of bubble tea was something I should have grown out of sometime circa 1994. (Of course, I didn't KNOW about bubble tea in 1994, and if I had known about bubble tea in 1994, I would have balked at paying $3.95 for a drink that didn't have any gin in it.) (Oh hell, let's be honest - circa 1994 I would have balked at paying $3.95 for a drink that HAD gin in it. I was a poor college student. $2 Well Drinks were a big thing for me.)

I took my honeydew flavored black milk tea with colored pearls "to go" and walked towards the car. It was delicious.

I'm just surprised, I think, at how far removed I felt from the other patrons. When I think about college, it doesn't seem that long ago. When I spend time with my college Girlfriends (which isn't as often as I'd like, but at least several times a year) - I almost feel like it was yesterday.

Bubble Island reminded me that it really was fifteen years ago. Fifteen years that has put more pounds on my frame and a few lines on my face, and a wardrobe that is clearly, clearly not that of a college student.

That bubble tea, though...that was still delicious. And I think I may have figured out how to make bubble tea at home, so at least I have a source that is closer away than Ann Arbor, and less likely to make me feel like I am trespassing on the domain of undergraduates.


* Which is not to say that Gabe and Lana wouldn't have enjoyed sailing on Lake Erie - it just wasn't a kid friendly event

** Some female attorneys do not feel sleeveless dresses are appropriate for court. I respect that opinion. There are some judges' courtrooms into which I wouldn't wear a sleeveless dress. However, generally speaking, I do wear a lot of sleeveless blouses or dresses during the summer, and I think this is one of the few advantages female attorneys have over male attorneys. When it's 85 degrees in the hallway at municipal court, at least I don't have to wear a tie.


Blogger mam said...

That tea sounds delicious...the tea part. It's the bubble part I can't get my head around. What do you do with them...they're tapioca, right? Do you eat them, are they just for show? Do they get sucked up in those huge straws and show up in your mouth unexpectedly? Clearly I have issues. Curses to my mother who always called tapioca "fish eyes"...that has scared me for life, apparently.

Monday, August 24, 2009 11:51:00 AM  

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