Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Bat tales, part 2

After the man came out of my closet with the bat, he asked me to look at it.

Yes, he asked me to LOOK at the bat. He had it in a cotton sack.

He said, "if you don't see that I have it, you won't believe it is gone."

He had a point there.

So, I made my husband look. He confirmed, the sack contained one small brown bat.

Time went on. The next summer, my family left for a three day weekend at an amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio. (Cedar Point - best amusement park on the planet, just my two cents.) Anyway, when we returned, our mail shoot was wide open - we had one of those mail shoots that allows the postman to drop mail into the house. Anyway, it was open, and the flap opening into our foyer was open as well.

I noticed this, and it felt very ominous. I was worried. I was doubly worried when I found my voicemail was full of messages from our security company, alerting us to the fact that our alarm had gone off the night before.

Now, technically, our alarm should not be tripped by anything smaller than 40 pounds. (In retrospect, I suspect what happened is that the bat flew right up in FRONT of the motion detector, which was on the ceiling, which made the motion detector believe it was something much larger than it actually was.)

We looked around, but didn't see anything amiss, so, we assumed that the cats had somehow tripped the alarm. (Oh how foolish we were...)

I put Gabe (who was then four months old) in his crib and then I fell into bed to get some sleep. My husband came into our room and lay down for a second, and suddenly he jumped up and ran down the stairs.

After a few minutes I followed him, and he was opening and closing the basement door. Each time he close the basement door, I heard something "thwack" itself against the door.

(Evidently, my husband had seen the bat fly into our bedroom just after he laid down. I am grateful to this day that I didn't see it, I was lying on my stomach.)

Apparently the bat was throwing itself against the door and David was hoping he would knock the thing out with the door.

Eventually, the bat stopped hurling itself against the door, but it was not, as we had hoped, lying dead on the other side of the door.

Another call to Critter Gitters, another $75.00, and another peek at a small brown bat in a bag, and we were done with bat #2....


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