Friday, February 10, 2006

I am a stalker freak

Our adoption agency has these "web forums" for families at all stages of the adoption process, and also for families who have already completed their adoption.

One of these web forums is for waiting child families and another is for Vietnam families.

I am HAUNTING these forums. I am HAUNTING these forums, scouring posts for any other parents who may have asked to be considered as a family for Dung.

Of course, he wouldn't be referred to as Dung on those forums, but, by a "number."

Anyway, I have to stop doing this. It's not healthy. I have no control over whether or not another family will be considered as a family for that little boy, and, as I have previously stated, it is not appropriate for me to want this child if there is a more suitable family out there!!!

So, I really I need to stop stalking other posters in the web forum!!

Nuff said.

Law Mommy


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