Monday, February 13, 2006

Interview Day

Today is the day of our telephone interview regarding Dung.

Both my husband and I were strangely tense yesterday and I finally asked Dave why he was so tense and he said, "I'm just going to be so sad if they tell us we're not getting that little boy."

So, I know I am not the only one in my house who feels attached to that child.

When my husband went for a run (have I mentioned before that I am married to an exercise enthusiast? Enthusiast is, in fact, an understatement...) I called my mom to ask her if she had any "gut feelings" about whether or not we would be chosen as this child's family.

(A word about my mother: she is a clergy person in the United Methodist church, and - she's a little bit psychic. I'm very serious. I'm not usually one to buy into that kind of thing, but, my mother has been able to predict things with weird accuracy. (Like the correct sex of every single one of her twelve grandchildren. She hasn't been wrong even ONCE.) I'm not sure if it's a fortune telling ability or incredibly intuitiveness (my mother is probably the most empathetic person I know), but, I tend to ask her what she thinks is going to happen and, most of the time, she is right.)

At any rate, I asked my mom if she had any thoughts about this little boy. She said, "well, I think he's coming home to you. But, that's mostly because I cannot even begin to imagine why the agency WOULDN'T choose your family. So, that's less of a 'gut feeling' and more of a logical conclusion."

Maybe she's right. Only time will tell.

(Can I tell you about one particularly weird day and my mother? I was a senior in high school, and I had tried to purchase an orange soda from the vending machine while I was leaving school. The vending machine was sold out of orange soda, and I was bummed about it. All the way home from school I was craving orange soda. When my mother walked in the door from work, she had A CAN OF ORANGE SODA she had purchased as she was leaving work. "I don't know WHY I bought this, she said. I don't even like orange soda." I'm telling you, that was just WEIRD. And it's the god's honest truth. And it's just one of many little instances that have led me to believe my mom has a weird insight into my life.)

Anyway, I'm feeling a bit anxious and nervous about tonight, so, the only thing I can think to do is to throw myself whole-heartedly into the pursuit of foreclosing on homes and ending marriages - so, I'm off to make everyone hate me some more...

Law Mommy


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