Thursday, February 16, 2006


Well, I have finally received the last piece of paper that we need in order to proceed to the next step as far as our homestudy is concerned - our family doctor FINALLY returned our medical forms! This means we can proceed to the face to face interview portion of this process.

Also, yesterday, I received in the mail the copies of "Toddler Adoption: A Weaver's Craft" and "Adopting a Toddler: What Size Shoes Does She Wear" that I ordered from (Oooh - along with Racheael Ray's "365 No Repeats" recipe book. I love her. Well, let me re-phrase - I love her recipes, but, I can't watch her show on Food TV very often because her voice is kind of annoying.)

Anyway, the "what size shoes" book appears to be a basic "nuts and bolts" type book for things like:
1. what to pack for your adoption trip
2. how to child proof your home for a toddler
3. whether or not to change your adoptive child's name
4. whether to put your adopted toddler in a crib or a bed

It seems to be geared toward people who do not have another child in the home, which is fine. It will probably be good for me to re-think about some of those things. After all, I was trying to graduate from law school and study for the Bar Exam when Gabe was a toddler - it stands to reason I would have forgotten all kinds of those details.

Speaking of other children in the house, I thought I had lost my five year old this morning. I went into his room, and he did not appear to be in his bed, and I looked UNDER the bed, and he wasn't there either.

He was lying flat, upside down, at the bottom of the bed, under the comforter. I swear it just looked like an empty bed. (Now I understand what those investigators in Boston (in the British husband murder case) were saying when they said they didn't find the bodies of that woman and her 9 month old baby until a second search of the house, because the bed just looked like it wasn't made, not like there were two bodies in it.)

Okay, that's kind of a morbid comparison. Anyway, last weekend I bought Gabe a new bedroom set, that has a thick, poofy comforter, and that's what caused me to think there was no child in the bed. Fortunately, he was there. And not interested in getting up, as usual...

Not much else to report!



Anonymous JDEgirl said...

Anybody else think its funny that your kid was hiding by lying FLAT and UPSIDE DOWN and UNDER something...doesn't that sound kinda bat-like?

Friday, February 17, 2006 8:11:00 AM  

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