Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Six Years Ago At This Very Moment I was Screaming My Head Off

Six years ago, today, at 10:00 AM, life as I knew it completely came to an end, and a whole new life began, as my son made his way into our lives.

I looked at my little boy this morning, who had the audacity to wake up at 6:15 AM (a child who normally has to be physically pried out of bed at 7:45, because he stays up reading in his bed until god knows what time of night) (yes, I know that six year olds should not stay up reading until 11:00 PM, but, this is the compromise. He can read as long as he STAYS IN BED and LETS MOM AND DAD SLEEP. Otherwise, he tries to get OUT of bed and god only knows what he would do if we were asleep and he was wandering, stealthily, around the house. Rewire the vacuum cleaner or something.)

Anyway, I just cannot believe he is six. Happy Birthday to my not-so-much-a-baby boy.


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