Thursday, April 27, 2006

Little Boy Bedroom Stuff

So, what does everybody think about this:

Yes, those of you who have actually been inside my house might be saying, but G~, it's almost identical to Gabe's bedroom stuff, only just very slightly different.

And, yes, that's true, although Gabe has a comforter and this is a quilt, so, you know, THAT makes all the difference.

This set goes well with the sage colored walls in that room, and the sage carpenting. I know this because those are the colors in Gabe bedroom, too, and this particular motif looks good with those colors.

Okay, yes, we haven't even formally accepted the referral of Tung, and we won't until we hear from the adoption doctor tomorrow. But, I do know, eventually, some little boy is coming to live with me.

And this is something fun to think about it.

So, do you think Gabe will be ticked if I get this and make the new child's room look ALOT like his room? Should I look for something totally different? Cars or something? (Problematically, I don't think anyone is really doing a car motif in sage green...)


Blogger Christina said...

I *love* that. But I haven't seen Gabe's room, so I don't know if it's too close or whatever. Though if they ever shared a room, it would be good if their stuff coordinated.
Zeeb is going to share a room with my 5 year old daughter R~, and it's been a challenge to find something for him that coordinates with her stuff but doesn't look girlie. So far I like the "Little Pond" stuff best, but not the pre-made quilt from Walmart - I want to get the fabric and do a cheat quilt (just sew on the lines) myself.

Okay, that was way more than you wanted/needed to know! LOL

Thursday, April 27, 2006 3:25:00 PM  

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