Friday, March 17, 2006

Names Names Names

I am occupying myself in the midst of computer networking crisis by thinking about:


Names of significant meanings:

Anatola - means, 'from the east' - sadly, I don't really like it very much

Ariel - one of the archangels of the Lord, to go along with Gabriel - sadly, also associated with a Disney Mermaid

Michael - yet another one of the archangels of the Lord, to go along with Gabriel, but, unfortunately very popular, also the name of Gabriel's godfather - (hello Michael if you are reading)

Raphael - again, an archangel, but, destined to get our child the crap kicked out of him

Isaiah - means "salvation", also the book of the bible that contains the quote, "I will gather your children from the east"

Hope - self explanatory

Names I just LIKE

Daniel - I think this goes nicely with Gabriel, however, while I love both "Gabe" and "Gabriel" - I DO NOT like either "Dan" or "Danny" - problematic

Sebastian - I love this name, but, also, sadly, associated with Disney film. Also tends to evoke the nickname Bastian, which, it seems to me, cruel children will turn into "Bastard" - not good for an adopted child

Anya - I have always liked this name, however, probably will not use it because it is the name of a very dear friend

Annika - love this name - also it has a nice meaning, "Grace", which also happens to be the meaning of Anya, above

Sasha - I love this, but, the only meaning I can find for it is "pet form of Alexander" - Sasha sounds like a girl's name to me...

Natasha - I am equally fond of this name. Unfortunately, it means "born on Christmas" which makes it kind of limited...

Nadia - beautiful name, it means hope...but also the name of the child in the first and only custody battle I ever fought for a client and it about ripped me to shreds

Jonah - just cause I like it, also it means "dove"

Jonas - just cause, however, a friend who lives in Switzerland just named her baby this (not that they will exactly run in the same crowd, or even run into eachother, um, ever)

Josiah - I just like this

Samuel - I like Sam, I like Samuel, and it is a bonus that it means, "asked for"

Zebulon - okay, maybe this is too weird, but, I think "Zeb" is pretty cool - pretty sure Husband will veto this one

Nikolas or Nicholas - my husband's middle name, also his grandfather's name - BUT it was one of the 10 most popular names for last year...

Veronica - the name Gabe would have had, had he been a girl - in fact, he would have been "Veronica Grace".


Anonymous H said...

I love the name Jonah- but for some reason (and I KNOW this would get vetoed by my husband) I love Obediah. When I was little I loved the book "My Friend Obediah". Yes, the child would be killed on the playground. Jonah is the name of the boy in "Sleepless in Seattle"- one of my favorite movies. Hope the computer hell has been rectified. :)

Monday, March 20, 2006 8:40:00 AM  
Anonymous JDEgirl said...

Not that you are taking votes, but I think Ariel would be fine - most folks would see the pattern once they knew you had an Ariel and a Gabriel...

...but really I just wanted to tell you that I think Anya is lovely name. Fabulous, actually. Just make sure she doesn't marry anyone with the last name Johnson (or as someone FROM CHURCH recently suggested 'Cox') and you'll be fine.

It just occurred to me that someone who doesn't know us (meaning, you and me) might be turned off by this comment - feel free to delete it.

Monday, March 20, 2006 1:05:00 PM  

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