Thursday, March 16, 2006

Final Homestudy Visit

We had our final homestudy visit with our social worker yesterday afternoon.

She stayed for about two and a half hours, and says that she can now finish the report.

Also, we "passed" the safety audit of our home - which involved her making sure that we had running water, that all our toilets are connected to proper sewer or septic systems, that we have a furnace, that we have no more than four children per bedroom (HAH!) and that we have a furnace. Oh, and that we had a fire extinguisher, and a smoke detector on each level. (For the record, we have EIGHT smoke detectors. EIGHT. Not kidding. We are safety folks, that's for sure.)

Now, we WAIT some more.

Boy, I'll tell you, I am becoming the queen of WAITING.

Also, I have not worked out for the past two nights. I have been VERY BAD. Last night I ate a hotdog and stouffers mac n cheese. Bad bad bad.

I must endeavor to be better today.



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