Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Life, the Weather, Etc.

Yesterday I tried to call the international adoption form submission information telephone number at the Cleveland Office of the USCIS 40 times. FORTY TIMES. It was busy contstantly. At one point I just kept hanging up and dialing for 10 minutes straight, but, that didn't help matters at all.

I'm not even sure at this point what I want to ask them, I just want proof that the line is actually connected to a human being.

At 3:55 I got a ringing line - and I thought I had hit the jackpot - but, then, a recording picked up and told me to call between the hours of 1:00 to 4:00 PM. It was 3:55!! I wanted to leave a angry message, but, the recording kindly told me that it did not accept messages.

That is the only news on the adoption front. That there is NO NEWS.

In other news, my life does go on.

We are getting ready to open up the pool. We thought we were going to have to add at least a foot of water, since we took two feet of water out last fall - but, the winter cover is stuck to the top of the pool like pudding skin on pudding (like pudding skin ever forms on anything else - like pudding skin on...turkey?) - anyway, the point is, the pool is FULL. Like, if we get another hard rain (and it has felt like monsoon season around here the last few weeks (since when did NW Ohio have to worry about typhoons, I ask you??) the pool will OVERFLOW.

So, we need to get that cover off, REMOVE some water, and start chemicals and filtration going.

I'm looking forward to diving in, once, you know, it's all clean and chlorinated and stuff.

Gabe is reading like you wouldn't believe - last night he was up until 11:00 reading "My First Dictionary of European Languages." I feel like he refuses to listen to a word I say when I am telling him to do something like, "sit down and eat" or "go put your pajamas on" - but, at least I know I can feel okay about it when he is teaching quantum physics at MIT or something... ;-) He was grumpy, this morning, though, which is no fun.

I finally got a book from the library yesterday that I have been waiting on for a few weeks - Definately Dead by Charlaine Harris. It is the sixth book in the Southern Vampire series. So far, it's as good as the previous five. It's not going to win the nobel prize for literature, but, it is definitely good amusement reading.

Ta ta for now,


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