Tuesday, May 30, 2006

No Asian Festival for Me

We had the best intentions of driving to Columbus on Sunday for the Asian festival.

However, this didn't happen, because, at the last minute, my mom called and asked us to host a barbeque at our house on Sunday. She said that she would have a barbeque at her house, except that the kitchen still isn't put back together due to the Great Kitchen Remodeling Event of 2006. (Second only to the Great Insomnia Inspired Wall Tear Out of 1978, when my parents, unable to sleep, decided to knock down an entire wall in order to create more living room and less foyer. THAT was a nightmare that was not entirely recitified until 1981.)

Anyway, my brother A~ and sister-in-law W~ were visiting for the wekeend with their baby, D~, who was born May 6. Only my mom and step-dad had seen the baby, so, of course, the rest of us had to see the baby. (Insert soundtrack from Seinfeld here...You gotta see the baby, you gotta see the baby.) And Sunday was the only day that A~ and W~ had available to show off the baby...

Hence, I spent Sunday with most of my siblings and their children and my grandmother and aunt, etc., at my house. It was a lot of people, and our pool was not ready for swimming. (We took the cover off on Saturday and spent all of Saturday cleaning and vacuuming it. It is ready, finally, for swimming, now.)

It is very hard to explain to six disappointed kiddos that there are reasons why they cannot jump into a pool that looks like it might be lots of fun, even if it is still a bit green. (The green is gone, now, but, on Sunday, there were still some serious algae issues.)

We may have some adoption news this week, but, I don't have any definitive info...

In bloggy news, I am really really sad to see that Karen over at thenakedovary.typepad.com is no longer blogging. I have been following her story and hoping to see her get a referral sometimes in the next six weeks. I hope everything goes okay for her family.



Blogger Christina said...

Wow, you are a very nice daughter for throwing a big bbq at the last minute like that. :-)
I hope you do get adoption news this week - you are due for some seriously GOOD news.
That is upsetting about nakedovary - so annoying when one icky person ruins something for everyone.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006 3:33:00 PM  

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