Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Update on the Doctor Situation

My doctor did call me back after 8:00 last night, sounding very tired. He was very kind and said he had printed out two copies of the letter and told me to come to his office anytime Tuesday and tell his office staff to come get him from whatever he was doing and he would sign in front of any notary I brought with me. (Evidently, there was some magic in posting about this last night!)

So, after my Husband dropped Gabe off at Vacation Bible School* this morning, he went to my step-dad's office, picked up my step-dad's secretary (a notary), drove her to the doctor's office, whereupon the doctor interrupted seeing his patients in order to come out and quickly sign the letters.

So, while it is kind of frustrating that since my step-dad's secretary/notary is not a lawyer, I will have to have the letters county certified before they can be state certified, the fact remains that it only costs $1.00 to do this, at the county courthouse, where I go almost every day of my life, so, it's not as big a deal as I previously thought. And the good thing is, WE HAVE THE DOCTOR LETTER!

The last thing we need for our dossier is the police station letter (they still don't have that done, even though we went there last Thursday!!) and then we can run the whole thing down to Columbus to get it state certified and get it sent to Oregon!!!


* Vacation Bible School sidenote - my husband is driving our son 25 minutes each morning to go to VBS at our church, and he is being brought most of the way back home after VBS by our friend B~ who is running VBS this year, despite the fact that she is moving to Austrailia for A YEAR in less than THREE WEEKS. Anyway, Husband was looking forward to having some quiet time to himself at home in the mornings this week (and who wouldn't) only to get back to our house yesterday morning to discover that our backyard neighbor** is running a Vacation Bible School OUT OF HIS HOME, with fifty children running around his back yard and crazy traffic and parking issues in our entire neighborhood. Needless to say, it is loud and crazy and difficult to drive in and out of our subdivision, and we are both furious that neighbor is doing this since he A. regularly does rude things like this and doesn't ask us about it in advance and and B. doing so is a violation of both the township code and our home owner's association guidelines. (I would also like to add that he insists on lighting up his backyard like a Christmas tree EVERY FREAKING NIGHT, and ALL NIGHT LONG and that these so-called-safety-lights make our bedroom VERY BRIGHT on any occasion when we try to sleep with the window open, so, to be honest, he is not our favorite person in the first place.) (Also on the fourth of July, he had a party with 100 people (that was WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE FOR HIS BACKYARD) and he did not ask us if the children at his party could play on my son's swingset/fort, and while we would have said "yes" if they had asked, the point is they didn't ask, and they STOLE ALL OF MY SON'S WATER SHOOTING TOYS. (Water guns? What the heck are those things called? They look like pistols and they shoot water?) My little boy had five or six of these water guns in his fort (for his posse of six year old friends) and now they are all gone.) (And while I am philosophically opposed to arming children with fake weapons, the fact is that my kid does have (or rather DID have) five or six water guns (brightly colored and not realistic looking), and now he does not, so I need to go out and find four or five more very fake-looking and brightly colored water guns.)

** backyard neighbor is pastor without a church, but evidently a large number of followers, for reasons I do not understand since it is clear he annoys the crap out of ME and my neighbors on either side of us, but, sometimes there is no making sense of these kind of things


Blogger Christina said...

Hooray for the doctor's letter being complete!!
and boo hiss on the neighbor with no concept of consideration for others!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006 12:51:00 PM  
Blogger Nicki said...

Oh my gosh, LM, your life cracks me UP!!!! How rude of them to steal your weapons. I hope they prayed about it!! :-)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006 5:27:00 PM  
Anonymous Jodi said...

We always called them "Squirt Guns."

Saturday, October 07, 2006 5:51:00 PM  

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