Friday, July 14, 2006

World Gone Mad

I'm not sure entirely what is wrong with me today.

Perhaps it that I spent 25 minutes arguing with my insurance company. This particular activity generally makes me sad and angry at the same time. In this particular case, insurance company sent us information about our "new" (i.e. MUCH MUCH SUCKIER) prescription drug coverage. Then, the booklet says, "you must use a preferred pharmacy or your co-pay will be significantly higher."

No further information.

Lawmommy calls the insurance company and says, "I need to know WHAT pharmacies are "preferred pharmacies".

Totally unhelpful person named KATIE (yes, KATIE at BLUE CROSS AND BLUE SHIELD OF MICHIGAN I am out OUTING YOU. I only wish I knew your last name...)

Anyway, KATIE unhelpfully says, "99% of pharmacies in Michigan are preferred pharmacies." I explain to Katie that would be great if I actually LIVED in Michigan. But, I don't. I live in Ohio. Can you tell me what pharmacies in Ohio I can use?" Katie says, "no, we don't really have a list for that." I say, "you don't "really" have a list, or you DON'T have a list." Katie says, "we don't have a list. You have to call the pharmacy and ask them if they participate." Me: "If they participate in what?" Katie: "In our preferred pharmacy network."

So, I say, "So, you've sent me a pamphlet that says I have to use a preferred pharmacist, the pamphlet doesn't say what pharmacists that encompasses, and now, you can't tell me, either?" Katie says nothing. I say, "don't you think that UNFAIR, Katie?" Katie says, "you can put your concerns in writing." Lawmommy ends this conversation by saying, "FUCK YOU, KATIE." (The conversation was much longer than this mini transcript, it was just more of the same, and, quite honestly, I feel a little bit bad that I said that to Katie. It's not entirely her fault she works for the devil.)

Lawmommy then calls Kroger pharmacy and (I am embarrassed to admit this) starts to cry to the pharmacy tech. Pharmacy tech commiserates with Lawmommy for several minutes about the wretchedness of health insurance companies. Pharmacy tech puts Pharmacist on the phone, who tells Lawmommy that she is "reasonably certain" that Kroger is a participating pharmacy, but, the only way to know for sure is to come in with the new cards and she will try to put a claim through and then back it out again. Lawmommy tearfully thanks the Pharmacist for being so kind.

Lawmommy then calls Husband and cries some more and yells a little bit, because Husband's school district benefits coordinator is totally useless and this is all (in Lawmommy's mind) that person's fault. Husband asks Lawmommy not to yell at him but tells Lawmommy she is totally justified in being angry. Just not a him.

Lawmommy calls insurance company back and demands answers from a new person. This new person's name is MARK. Mark deals with crying Lawmommy very well. Mark tells Lawmommy that if she uses RiteAid or Walgreens or other "large chain that does business in both Ohio and Michigan", she will not have any trouble. This makes Lawmommy stop crying. Lawmommy thanks kind and helpful Mark.

Lawmommy does not believe for one second that she will not actually have "any trouble" (because, honestly, who doesn't have trouble with their insurance coverage) - but, it's nice to have at least a direction to start.

So, anyway, I've been crying and angry on and off all morning - at little things, ridiculously small things.

And maybe it's the news. Maybe waking up to hear that Israel and Lebanon are bombing the crap out of eachother, and Iran is still defiant and the North Korean leader is still crazier than a shit house full of rats, and a big part of California appears to be on's all too much for me to take just now.

So, I think I am going to close my office door and have a good long heaving cry and maybe afterwards I'll feel a little bit more like dealing with the world, or at least my little corner of it, again.



Blogger Space Mom said...

Ah- yes, the world of insurence. gotta love it. That reminds me, the dental insurence still isn't stored out on my end. Better go check it! :)

Friday, July 14, 2006 1:38:00 PM  

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