Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Blogger has eaten four of my posts in the past several days. Very, very frustrating.

None of them was particularly good, but, still.

A person puts time and effort into writing a post, and then, BANG, goes to publish, and BAM, the post is not there. Clicking backwards on my Internet explorer tab does not bring the posts back.

The result is sad and annoyed Lawmommy and no blog posts.

One of my real life girlfriends actually emailed me yesterday to ask if I was okay - because of the lack of posts.

It makes me happy to know my peeps are checking up on me. :-)

The problem is that I finally caved and created a google reader account for easier blog reading. (Would you believe that until recently I was actually just clicking through the blog links on my own blog and checking to see if you guys had posted anything new? Not very efficient.)

Anyway, I created a google reader account using a different log in name than the one I use for blogger. (Which makes commenting harder because I keep having to log in and log out and I'm kind of really frustrated with it.)

I tend to write my blog posts over the course of several hours when I am at work. In between bouts of actual...working. I will take a a few minutes and write, and then work, etc., etc., - sometimes it takes a whole work day to write a post. (I mean, that's clearly not what I'm spending my whole day doing, it's just that I will keep the blogger window open and type and work and work and answer the phone and type and throw things at my wall because people are idiots and type and walk to the kitchen because of course all the Christmas goodies started arriving last week and work and get the picture.)

Problematically, if I have looked at google reader account at any point in the midst of the typing and the working and the eating of Christmas has logged me out of blogger and logged back in with the user name I created for my google reader, WITHOUT TELLING ME, and when I go to hit publish, MY POST IS GONE. Because the user name I have for my google reader account doesn't have a blog.

And then I'm too ticked to write it again.

And it took FOUR TIMES before I realized why this was happening.

Which is why you should not, clearly, ever call on me to answer questions about technology because clearly I am a moron. In that area. (Not generally.) (I don't think.)

The kids and I are off today. I have to go find them and feed them, otherwise they will decide that they can eat Garfield fruit snacks and Reese's Pieces and feel they have had breakfast. And that's just not acceptable.



Blogger mam said...

Oh, the idea of "going to find" my kid is so foreign to me...what do you mean? They're not attached to your leg, pulling (or, in a new development, goosing the hell out of you)?

Try Bloglines, instead. I've been using it for a year now with no problems. Very easy (even for morons).

Wednesday, November 26, 2008 12:41:00 PM  
Blogger A Voice of Sanity said...

If I find a website particularly cranky, I write the post as an email and save it as a draft. That way no matter what happens I can always copy and paste it again if the first try fails.

Thursday, December 04, 2008 1:00:00 PM  

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